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...tricks to reach new markets and unveil opportunities.
business & strategic
La Brasserie is passionate about technology-enabled companies that can transform big companies. We identify trends and market opportunities to generate ideas and thus identify scalable and profitable business models.
Looking for buisness opportunities?
For you, we identify trends and market opportunities in order to generate business. We find your customers, partners and connect you with the players likely to make you go a step forward.
Looking for financial partners?
Our dedicated team helps you from seed, the raise of substantial funds to support your initial market research and development work, to Series B rounds aiming to take your business to the next level.
Looking for the proper way to reach your client(s)?
We help you define the go-to market strategy for your solution. Our objective: drive demand, adoption and the overall success of your product.
Looking for a product that really fit your audience?
We assist you to define what to build through user-stories or job-to-be-done. Our goal is to make sure your teams craft and ship the right product.
Get valuable insights!
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