Switch to immersive technologies

Bring virtual & augmented reality to your organization

Learn new skills

Soft skills and hard skills whatever your industry.

Train safely

Don’t put your people at risk and build confidence.

Enhance working conditions

With data powered contents and haptic equipments.

Collaborate remotely

Share meaningful experiences with your peers.

Create custom environments

Unleash your creativity and make everything possible.

Engage your audience

Make your message memorable over time.

Increase productivity

Master contents, data and engage like never before.

Reduce costs

Thanks to CGI, the field of possibilities are endless.

Why it's urgent

Adopt it now. Don't fall behind!


A shift from hype to reality

Helping to create value across the economy and society.

A change far beyond visuals

Thanks to a wide range of tools that use and enhance our human senses: touch, smell, taste and even our thoughts.

An access to vast new markets

XR tools blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds.

A mandatory step to take

The digitalization of your business will definitely goes through implementing a XR strategy

The global extended reality market is projected to clock a CAGR of 45% from 2020 to 2030.
By the period-end, the valuation is expected to exceed US$ 1.1 Trn, due to growing demand for digital environments.
The penetration of mobile computing will be a key enabler to accelerate the pace of innovation and investment in ARs and VRs use cases.

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About La Brasserie XR (LaB.XR)

La Brasserie is above all a state of mind. A brasserie is defined as a type of French restaurant with a relaxed setting. When you go for a coffee or a business lunch, you engage in a very specific way. That specific atmosphere makes oneself more comfortable. It makes it easier to share more information about who you are and how your business works. That's the way we see our relationship with our partners and clients: the more trust there is, the more inputs we'll share and the best way we'll work together.